Rather than treating information technology sub-systems as silos, Digitaris Technologies understands convergence and the interactions between the models in creative ways, eliminating "finger pointing" and extended outages. 

Many believe that IT companies can either serve large enterprise accounts or small to medium sized clients. Digitaris Technologies believes that these markets are mutually beneficial to each other. In other words, what we learn from working with one allows us to bring innovative solutions to the other.

The DCi Difference


At Digitaris Technologies we believe transparency is the key to forming a trusted relationship.


When Digitaris Technologies provides products or services, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. You think IT should just work – So do we!


Digitaris Technologies is always focused on delivering solutions on time and on budget.


Should an issue occur, Digitaris Technologies works tirelessly to resolve it. We know your business depends on IT and we react like it is our issue – simply because it is.


David Ebaugh serves as CEO. He is an experienced management executive with 30 years of providing technology vision, organizational leadership, mentoring and development services to management teams in a myriad of environments spanning Fortune 20 global enterprises to smaller, entrepreneurial and nonprofit organizations. He brings a lengthy history blending technology expertise and business strategy to consistently deliver solutions excellence, revenue growth, operational efficiency, cost reductions, improved security, marketplace leadership, enhanced customer service and growth in stakeholder value.

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